Pyramid Magnets
List of SuperMagnetMan's Super Pyramid Magnets. These pyramid magnets concentrate the magnetic flux to small areas, thus creating tips with Gauss readings more than 6,000 for the 2 inch pyramids and more than 8,000 Gauss for the 4 inch cones.

The pyramids provide the base for actually achieving magnetic flux densities over 1 Tesla (yep-more than 10,000 Gauss) over a 5mm square area. If you need extremely high static magnetic fields, this is the most economical way.

Should there be a size you need and don't see, please contact our Sales Department. They will be happy to contact the Manufacturer for a custom quote. Please provide: Exact dimensions, Strength, Quantity and Direction of magnetism.

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 Pyramid - PYR0300N 
3 sided pyramid. 0.393" (10mm) base side length, 0.393" (10mm) tall - 0.236" (6mm) sides on top.  N... more >>>
 Pyramid - PYR0300N   $1.25  Buy Now 
 Pyramid - PYR0300S 
3 sided pyramid. 10mm base side length, 10mm tall - 6mm sides on top.  South pole at the tip. ... more >>>
 Pyramid - PYR0300S   $1.25  Buy Now 
 Pyramid - PYR2000S 
Pyramid: Base Magnet  - N52. 2" (50.8mm) x 2",  Top: 1"  (25.4mm) x  1".   South pole at the tip. P... more >>>
 Pyramid - PYR2000S   $81.25  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products) Result Pages:  1