Radial Neodymium Ring Magnets
SuperMagnetMan's Super Magnet Radial Neodymium Ring Magnets. For the past several years I have had a variety of customers asking for neodymium (ndfeb) ring magnets that would be magnetized from the inside to the outside. It seems like a reasonable request except that neodymium magnets, at this time, can only be magnetized in only 1 plane. To create radial magnetization you need to be able to magnetize in straight lines perpendicular to the tangent line at any point on the edge of the outer edge of the ring. That can't be done in neodymium. Of course, as I say that, I know that for the past few months there is a company who can provide these rings. I have discussed this with the actual company that can do it. There is a mold cost of several thousand dollars per size of radial ring that you want and the info I got said that about N35 was the highest grade the process would work with. I took a different path. For about 2 years I tried to get my manufacturer to make a different type of radial ring - using arc segments like my motor magnets, but mount it in a steel can with all pieces facing with the same pole facing the center. While it is not a single piece and it is encased in a different metal case, the magnetic profile is radial.

Should there be a size you need and don't see, please contact our Sales Department. They will be happy to contact the Manufacturer for a custom quote. Please provide: Exact dimensions, Strength, Quantity and Direction of magnetism.

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Tiny radial ring magnets - N50. These are made up of 6 pieces of 60 degree arc segments. The steel ... more >>>
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N50. D2XD1X0.5 INCH. This ring will have the NORTH pole on the outside circumference and the south p... more >>>
 RR0200N   $175.00  Buy Now 
N50. D2XD1X0.5 INCH. This ring will have the SOUTH pole on the outside circumference and the north p... more >>>
 RR0200S   $175.00  Buy Now 
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