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Rare earth ring magnets can be magnetized in different ways. The most common way is through the thickness and most of these are magnetized that way. I can also request any shape neodymium ring magnet to be magnetized through the diameter. Neodymium cannot be magnetized radially - with a pole on the outside edge and the opposite pole on the inside edge. However, if you really need neodymium ring magnets to have a radial magnetization pattern we can make them in arc segments that you can put together. Note: placing all the arc segments so that all north poles point in the same direction means that they all repel each other and will have to be held in place - usually with epoxy or CA glue. Thanks, George Mizzell, The SuperMagnetMan

Should there be a size you need and don't see, please contact our Sales Department. They will be happy to contact the Manufacturer for a custom quote. Please provide: Exact dimensions, Strength, Quantity and Direction of magnetism.

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 Ring - R4150 
N45. 4" OD x 1" ID x 0.5" thick, magnetized through the thickness. Seriously powerful.( This is in ... more >>>
 Ring - R4150   $137.50  Buy Now 
N40. 5 OD x 4 ID x 1 thick, magnetized through the thickness more >>>
 Ring - R5410   $550.80  Buy Now 
 Ring - R5500 
N40. Ring 5.5" OD x 4.75" ID x 0.5" thick, Magnetized through the thickness. more >>>
 Ring - R5500   $700.00  Buy Now 
N50. Ring: 1.10" (28mm) OD x 0.30" (7.5mm) ID x 0.33" (8.35mm) Thick, magnetized through the thickne... more >>>
 TEF0130   $14.00  Buy Now 
N42. Ring: Overall dimension OD1.715 inch x ID1.16+/-0.03 inch x Thickness 0.215 inch. PTFE coating... more >>>
 TEF1715   $16.00  Buy Now 
Displaying 51 to 55 (of 55 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3